About Snailerie

Snailerie.co is a person, place, and thing created by Valerie Nelson.

One spring afternoon in 2021, Valerie Nelson created Snailerie as an online pseudonym, and in late 2022 she decided to turn the name into a small visual art studio, called Snailerie.co. Valerie has a fondness for snails, relating to their slow nature, and their attachment to their shell homes. She combined “Snail” with her first name, and Snailerie was born. With Snailerie also somewhat sounding like a “Snail House” or “Snail Gallery”, it became a tiny home for Valerie’s critters to live.

In March 2023, The Snailerie Shop opened its digital doors, selling stationery incorporating the original Snailerie collection of critters. You can visit the shop at shop.snailerie.co.


Valerie Nelson has worked as a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist for over 7 years, creating books, animations, brands, and illustrations with a huge focus on kid’s media. You can view her full portfolio here.
          Valerie created Snailerie.co as a place to make joyful illustrative work, produce stationery, collaborate with other artists, and also to remind herself that it’s okay to take things slow.

Snailerie is open to collaborations and commissions.
If you’d like to get in touch, Send Valerie an email at snailerie(at)Gmail(dot)com

© All artwork and images copyright Valerie Nelson (Snailerie) 2023.